In our modern buildings, glass has developed from a purely practical way to keep out the weather and let in light to an attractive and versatile piece of interior design. Seamless shower screens, kitchen splashbacks, wall tiles, elegant mirrors and pool barriers are just some of the ways that glass now enriches our lives.

There is nothing quite like glass to give a room or building that look of sophistication and glamour so desired in the world of high-end interior decorating. Imagine the disappointment, then, after installing a major glass feature in your home or office building, to find that after a time it needs constant cleaning.

In your home, do you really have time in your busy schedule to keep cleaning glass? Your time is valuable and your family and others are relying on you to work miracles for them every day. Are you responsible for keeping costs down in a business and find that your cleaning costs have risen in proportion to the amount of glass you have in your building?

There is a solution and it’s the Glass Protection Guy. He is a specially trained technician who will install the latest in glass protection technology on your existing glass to protect it from damage, and to keep it clean and shining. ClearShield is a non-stick method of preventing pollutants from damaging glass, and can be applied both in the factory and on existing glass surfaces.

ClearShield converts ordinary glass to a low maintenance product that is a breeze to keep clean. Forget harsh chemical cleaners and scrubbing to remove lime scale and soap scum from shower screens. Not only will you be cleaning less often, but the effort needed to keep your glass clear and shining will be minimal.

Imagine how good your glass pool barrier will look without that constant streaking that occurs every time the pool is used. Glass pool barriers look fantastic and give that illusion of invisibility that makes your pool look so attractive, but to maintain that look is a lot of work. It also costs, not only in cleaning products and water but in the time it takes to do the job. It’s bad enough if you are doing it yourself, but if you are paying a maintenance gardener to look after the pool and yard, it is even worse.

You will more than halve your cleaning requirements and the costs when you have your glass treated by the Glass Protection Guy.